Brilli Baby introduces the Cup Catcher, an innovative must-have product for parents of infants and toddlers. Brilli Baby provides brilliant solutions for today’s family.  Our motto is uncompromising quality, and this is why the Cup Catcher is proudly made in the USA from concept to finished product.
Parent Tested Parent Approved Throwing sippy cup Throw bottle tory solved
Parent Tested Parent Approved Throwing sippy cup Throw bottle tory solved

The Problem & The Solution

The Problem : Common problem of the cup constantly hitting the ground from the highchair, stroller, car seat, or grocery cart, covering the cup in dirt and germs.
Throwing sippy cup Throw sippy cup bottle
The Solution: Cup Catcher catches the cup, keeping it clean. 
The Cup Catcher can be sanitized on the go & cleaned in
the dishwasher daily.
attach sippy cup holder to car seat, no throw cup tether, no drop safe travel tip carseat

What is the Cup Catcher

The Cup Catcher is a multi-use connector to safely tether a sippy cup, bottle, or 
even your favorite toy to a car seat, highchair, stroller, wheelchair or shopping cart, all while providing a sanitary and stylish design. With the adjustable tail you can attach to many different straps, safety belts, and bars, catching the cup keeping it clean.   
 Unique features:
  • Patent Approved & FDA Grade
  • Sanitizable & Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free, Latex free & Recyclable
  • Phthalate free elastomer

Where can I use the Cup Catcher

Attach to the strap of the stroller, keeping the cup from hitting the ground on the go! Also, loop through your favorite toy to keep it close!
Attach to the car seat, so you or your child can easily access the cup without the struggle of trying to find the cup somewhere in the backseat, or even worse if the cup made it to the front seat!
Attach to your highchair at home or while out to eat to keep your sanity!! Prevent from picking up the cup during snack/meal time multiple times!
Attach to the shopping cart, so you don't have to worry about the cup while you shop.
Attach to wheelchairs to encourage hydration and keep the cup clean.
Infinite possibilities to catch the cup & keep it clean!!
Warning : This item is not a toy. Inspect before each use, discard if any portion is worn or damaged. 
Do not use at nap or night time, never use in a crib, travel yard, or bed.  For use under adult supervision only. Do not attach to child.



Car Seat


How does it work?

Recommended for use under most lids of sippy cups, baby bottles, and water bottles. The 2” ring can also stretch around cups up to 3” wide.
See the How To Use page for more details.

Cup Catcher can attach to favorite toys, teethers, bottles, and other items by looping through the Cup Catcher.  The adjustable tail can tighten and hang from many sizes of straps & bars.
no drop sippy cup tether Avent, take & toss spill-proof cups first years Tommee Tippee dr browns playtex no drop toy bottle cup holder strap

© 2013 Cup Catcher™ by Brilli Baby, LLC. All rights reserved. 

Made in the USA / Patent Approved


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